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Are you willing to take on a challenging “out of your comfort zone” internship or volunteer work? Or do you want to travel and see and learn and experience other cultures while you share your knowledge and talent with the Kenyan community?

Educultural Travel partners with various organisations in Kenya and will facilitate an attachment or volunteer work of your choice.

The following are the most available areas of internship

  • Education; formal education, special education, technical, music
  • Medical; Hospitals

What you need to arrange;

  • valid passport and the correct visa
  • vaccinations and malaria tablets
  • The right travel and health insurance
  • Your study allowances
  • AAR(African Air Rescue) insurance -not a must but of help





What Educultural Travel can do for you.

  • In search for appropriate internship /volunteer place for you
  • In search for a good and safe accommodation depending on your needs. It may be a room in a family house or a private house in an apartment where you can enjoy your privacy
  • Help and guide your settling in and shall be the point of contact during your internship


Kenya is a developing country so there are no allowances given. You finance your stay yourself. 

Essential costs to plan ahead for are as follows:


Work visa (internship/volunteer) 

Help in obtaining work visa

AAR/ Health and travel insurance

Airport pick up


orientation (language, culture, safety) 

Ask for quote!