Educultural Travel in The Netherlands

For Whom is the Educultural Safari?

International Students from Kenya for the IB requirement for CAS through Dutch cultural immersion and practical Service work.

Examples of trips
Anna Frank House ( History)

Anna Frank and her family hid here during the 2nd world war. On August 4, 1944, the hiding place was betrayed. The people in hiding were deported to various concentration camps. Only Otto Frank survived the war.

Ruma National Park

You shall explore Amsterdam with Amsterdam canal cruises. This is a great way to see Amsterdam’s history, and of course, have fun boat riding

Rijks Museum, Amsterdam (VisualArts)

The  Rijks Museum is a Dutch national museum dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum is the principal national museum in Holland. It illustrates the art and history of Holland from the Middle Ages to the present.

Diamonds company ( Geography)

A tour and explanation of Diamonds processing will be done. You will see the various beautiful stones with your naked eyes. On a map you will see that Africa is the richest continent in diamonds yet the poorest- an eye-opener and a trigger for thinking to our future leaders.

Space Expo Noordwijk (Science)

Space Expo is Europe’s first permanent space exhibition. Space Expo is also the visitors’ center for ESA in the Netherlands, the European Space Agency’s largest technical establishment.

Camel Farm Agribusiness

Interesting enough, Netherlands is a cold land, but the Dutch are champions in innovation and creativity.  This is the only camel dairy farm in Europe. Milking is mechanized.

The Dutch Parliament (Law)

The Hall of knights and both parliament Buildings- House of Representatives and the Dutch Senate.

The Body world Amsterdam (Biology)

Very interesting Biological world.

Maritiem Museum rotterdam

Rotterdam is one of the largest harbors in the world. In the Maritime Museum Rotterdam, you can discover the enormous effect that shipping has on our daily lives. You will go on a journey with the maritime past and present in modern exhibitions for adventurers large and small. Listen to the stories, admire the prize exhibits from a leading collection or join in some of the numerous activities. The museum is in one of the oldest and largest museum harbors of the Netherlands, where you can visit historic vessels and cranes and experience how the world’s leading port of Rotterdam began at this spot.