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Kenyan Kitchen

Kenya lies on the East African Coast. A coast on the Indian Ocean that was already busy with traders from Persia, Middle east and India as early as 400 BC. This can be seen through the language Swahili, Architecture and food.
Kenyan food has a mix of Asian and Arabic recipes . They go hand in hand with traditional African foods.

Wali wa nazi

It’s simple coconut rice. It is popular in the coastal regions of Kenya. It is enjoyed with chicken curry, fish curry, or even bean stew.

Meat curry

This is a slow cooked curry made using coconut crème, garlic, ginger, onions and turmeric. This is a great dish for a dinner party or crowd of friends.  It always tastes better on the 2nd day, so make a day head if you can. 


Bhajiyas are a popular snack in Kenya. They are made by slicing boiled potatoes into thin, circular slices, dipping them into a seasoned gram flour batter, and then deep-frying them. They are served hot with ketchup or other homemade sauces. They are very crispy and very filling.

Matoke ya nyama

Matoke are simply green bananas. They are finger licking when combined with meat


Mukimo is a tasty staple food among the Gikuyu people and is cooked by mashing green peas, potatoes, maize, and pumpkin leaves or spinach leaves all together. It is usually accompanied with beef curry or beans


Kachumbari is a refreshing salad made of fresh tomatoes, onions, green chillies, coriander, a few drops of lemon juice, and salt as desired. It’s a great dish when combined with grilled meats and pilau.

Ugali – Brown and white , meat and Sukuma wiki

Ugali is a Kenyan staple. It is a dish made of maize flour, though it’s sometimes made of millet or sorghum flour. It is made by adding the maize flour to boiling water until you get a dough-like consistency. Sometimes you can use millet flour instead of corn flour. Traditionally millet was the flour that was used.


Githeri, Irio or Amahenjela is amixture of corn, beans and sometimes you can add potatoes, and carrots, and season it with tomatoes and curry powder. It is delicious and filling. The dish has also enough roughage for the day


Mandazi is a Kenyan doughnut. You simply make it by frying dough in hot oil. The main ingredients are  wheat flour, yeast, Coconut milk, cardamom, and sugar . It is incredible tasty, and it goes well with tea or coffee.


Sweet potato mashed with brown beans in a clay pot.


Samosas are triangular-shaped pastries that are deep-fried and usually filled with minced meat. The fillings can also be potatoes or lentils. This dish is very flavourful, and it’s a perfect evening snack to have with wine.

Fried Tilapia

It is a favourite type of fish among many Kenyans. After cleaning, you season it with salt and deep fry until it is golden brown.
You then prepare sauce and deep it in. A finger liking dish.


Pilau is simply fried rice. You can make vegetarian pilau where you mix rice, carrots and peas or mix it with meat.


These are soft and layered flat breads that are eaten in many East African homes. It is very light and is eaten with tea, beef stew, beans, lentils or vegetables.

Tea masala ( Masala Chai)

“Chai” means “tea” in Swahili. Kenyan tea is famous all over the world, and when combined with other ingredients like ginger or cardamom, the flavour is deliciously beyond imagination.

Porridge ( Uji)

This is fermented millet porridge. It is delicious . Usually served in a calabash.

  • Tsisaka
  • Kunde  (Cowpeas)
  • Miro
  • Makalaba
  • Mrenda
  • Lisebebe ( Pumkin Leaves)
  • Tsimboka ( mchicha)
  • Sukuma Wiki